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my mind is racing, but my heart it beats faster

Broome was better than expected. Once we got into the swing of things, everything really fell out normally. The best bit was the beach. Cable Beach is 14 mile long beach (duh) in Broome and it's supposed to be all beautiful and natural and whatever and all the brochures have pictures of people riding camels along it at sunset. Those pictures capture some of its beauty, but what they don't capture is its magic.

You see, during the morning, when you go down to the beach to swim and sun bake the tide's up really high, the water's quite churny. It's gorgeous, with aqua blue water, soft sand and glorious weather, but then you go back to your resort, have some lunch, a nap, watch a bit of telly, then go back down to watch the sunset, and when you do, it's a completely different beach. The tide had pushed completely back, seriously, watch had been a few second stroll down to the water had become a massive trek, it's warm, but not too hot, the water's really calm, and the sunset... woah, the sunset, words cannot describe it. Everyone's just wandering around, taking photos, watching the camels, looking in the now exposed rockpools.

My parents went down on the night of our first full day but I was in a bad mood and chose not to go. They came back raving about it, and I kinda just nodded and smiled, a little bit interested, so on the next night we all went down again. I will not lie, it took my breath away, the atmosphere was so magical and everything to was beautiful, I felt a little bit emotional... which seems stupid to write now, but at the time was so true. We went down to watch the sunset every day and I think they'll be the memories of that holiday that stay with me forever.

The only downside is that I managed to catch a cold, it only properly developed the day we left, which just made the flight back a bit painful. But now I'm home again in Sydney and it's raining (a great jump from the tropical warmth I was enjoying in Broome) and I'm sick, and somehow due to a blocked nose, daylight savings and slight jetlag, I only got like four hours sleep last night, so right now I feel just peachy /sarcasm. Hopefully I'll still be able to make some good use of the week of holidays I've got yet

TV talk behind the cut lots of series are ending/starting, and I have lots of opinions.

Doctor who finale pissed me off. This whole series just feels pointless. Moffat needs to get off his high horse, go take a good look at himself and think about what he's done. He needs to stop wasting all his wonderful resources, actors and audiences with such crappy, self-absorbed stories. There were some wonderful concepts, one-liners and singular episodes in series 6, but he really needs to step up  his game for the next one (even though it feels more appropriate for me to stay step down, which doesn't mean step down from head writer position, but stop biting off more than he can chew and they using crappy, cheesy, pointless and boring solutions for the problems he's written himself into, instead of just keeping it simple and interesting)

Little bit of Skins stuff is coming out at the moment, the news is starting to pick up a little, even if it's just mostly teasing. Apparently there's a rumour/possibility that Georgia Lester is going to be writing the finale, which if it's true I'm super happy about. If you're unaware she wrote Pandora s3, Katie s4 and Mini s5, all of which are really great episodes which always give great character development whilst still staying true to the characters (I know it seems like an oxymoron, but I've seen many a show where writers have developed a character in a way that just doesn't fit with who they are and who we've seen them as) So yeah, I trust her to give us a satisfying and well-written finale (because there's a great chance this is going to be the last Skins finale ever)

Started watching The Fades, only seen the first episode (but I plan on watching the next one as soon as I post this). The Paul and Mac relationships is so enjoyable to watch and so is just Mac. I kinda doubted Dan Kaluuya's acting ability before watching it (Posh Kenneth is a hilarious one-liner character, but I always felt like Dan was more of a writer than an actor) although this first episode has totally changed my view. Lily is wonderful, as usual, and I seriously want to see more of her character, even if she doesn't really get any development until a theoretical second season or whatever (I can wait). Shall I just finish with, 'in Jack Thorne I trust"

Glee is good for now, although some of it's old bad-show demons are starting to rear their ugly heads. I started the watch the beginning of the new season of Gossip Girl, but I couldn't bring myself to finish the episode (I'll do it later when I'm more bored). The Vampire Diaries has been okay, I wasn't really paying attention to the last episode I watched, so that probably the reason I feel so neutral towards it right now. How I Met Your Mother is so good right now, it really feels like they finally know where they're going for once.

New shows I'm still trying to form opinions of: The Secret Circle (it feels like the Vampire Diaries, but without the charm) Ringer (it's growing on me, although I kinda have a deep seeded natural dislike of SMG, so who knows if I'll be able to stick with it), The New Girl. I'm also working my way through Avatar (only six episode left!), casually watching House from season 1 and recently discovered Happy Endings, which I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I seriously love all the characters, every single one (even Alex, who is a character feel I would be normally inclined to hate)
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