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I just woke up in a disorientating room, feeling like it's six in the morning when it's actually ten. Yesterday was long. I got up, watched the second half of OOTP and the first half of HBP, then caught a train with my mum all the way into the city so I could get on a coach for a three and a half hour coach ride to see my sister, and it was only when I got there at 3.45 that my day really started. Yes, I went and saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 last night, walked through the cold night to the cinema to see my first ever midnight screening, because due to school and over protective parents, I've never been able to go to one before. I've bundled some general spoilery/non-spoilery comments under the cut, but I'm so exhausted I feel like I'm going to slip up and spoil it for everyone.

I didn't go into the film expecting much. People around me were acting like their life was about to end, and I was just, eh. I guess it's because I'm one of those people who just deals with things she can't change, plus, I've kinda left the crazy (incredible) fandom that I was in when the sixth and seventh books came out, and part of me always felt like, that for me, the book release had been the end. So anyway, I went into this film expecting to be underwhelmed really. I never said it to anyone, but DH Part 1 had underwhelmed me, so a big part of me expected a similar reaction to this film. Oh, how wrong I was.

I didn't cry like Helen, my sister who was sitting next to me the whole time, who was pretty much bawling from The Prince's Tale onwards. I almost cried as the teachers put up the enchantments all over the school, because that was beautiful, Minerva McG is now my favourite character, ever. There is no denying she is a total bamf the whole way through.

Anyway, afterwards I just felt numb, and it wasn't the freezing cold night we had to walk back through to get home again. My sister set up my room for me, showed me where everything was, (I'm staying in her dorm room for the night) gave me the number of where she was staying so I could ring her in the morning, etc. All the normal house keeping stuff, and then she left. I think I just sat, curled up in a ball on the bed, unmoving, for about ten minutes. At the time I just thought it was immense tiredness, but waking up I realise it was something different. It's over.

I always scoffed at those who said they'd be so sad after DH Part 2 because it was because 'Harry Potter was finally over' and I still believe i was right too. Harry Potter isn't over. We can still read the books over and over again, have discussions, people around the world are still discovering Harry's magic every single day, and nothing's ever going to stop. However, what I didn't think about was the fact that the movies are over. those things have pretty much been around in some form of another since I discovered Harry Potter at the age of five-ish, and now they're not. When I sat in the cinema last night, having just re watched all seven previous films, being able to quote every single line, now every single beat of the soundtrack, I sat in that cinema and thought to myself 'ooo yay, something new, something I haven't seen before, a new bit of Harry Potter.' Whether or not Harry Potter is 'finally over', nothing's going to make me feel like that again, because this is the first time I'm going to see a new Harry Potter film from that series, and it hurts a little.

The film was amazing, in every single way. Even if the King's Cross scene looked like a cream cheese commercial. I know that in the books it's described as being all bright and white, but it felt a bit too religious to me... I would have preferred them to have just shot it in an empty King's Cross, and then just saturate the crap out of it, instead of the weird blue screen stuff they did.

- Epilogue made me laugh a little, but then, even if I did always like it in the books, I always got that it was super cheesy, just a way to show us what the characters were up to in one easy scene. Nothing complicated.
- Luna/Neville, aww... I liked it. I follow JKR's canon, so I say they don't end up together, but it's a nice scene for now, cute and happy and light.
- I cheered during the Ron/Hermione kiss, yeah, I had refused to watch any BTS or spoilery stuff about that, so for me it was all bright and shiny and new, and people around me were clapping, so I screamed a cheer. Ten years I've been waiting for that, it felt good.
- Helena Bonham Carter owns my soul btw, those scenes where she's playing Hermione playing Bellatrix, so sweet and gorgeous.
- Alan Rickman does too. He pulled out all the stops for Snape, and... yeah, that's all I have to say. Alan Rickman. You own my soul.
- Fred... I have no words, I never had.
- The Malfoys, OMG! Done so flawlessly. The shot of them leaving across the bridge was just perfect.
- The end, (ie. not the epilogue) The shot with the three of them standing there, holding hands, protecting their castle. Protecting their friends, their family, I can't even... saflsldjalsalnal;ksdjfncias;

Actually, the whole thing is just aldsjfuo;aisjc;affnjvccjnwa, no words can describe the way I feel right now. I need to see it again in 3D, and then again a few more times, then maybe it'll have sunk in.

(P.S Was anyone else under the impression that Sean Biggerstaff was coming back as Wood? 'Cause I swear I'd read somewhere that he was, maybe even seen a picture, although it might have been photoshopped, but yeah, I spent most of the movie waiting to catch a glimpse of his handsome face. Oh well)

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